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ERC launches new website!
It took us a while, but we finally got it done! The launch went very smoothly and we have been getting great feedback from our customers so far. Big thanks to our website team!!

Limited Use Microfiber Cloths Now in Yellow and Blue!
ERC now offers limited use microfiber cloths in yellow and blue (in addition to white). Find them here:

Featured in MassBusiness Magazine!
ERC was featured in Mass Business Magazine! Download the article here.

IHRSA Show Los Angeles
Patrick went coast to coast out to the IHRSA show in LA. We missed it last year, but so glad we went this time around!

MASS Recycle Open House
ERC hosted a Mass Recycle Open House and breakfast. Larry gave everyone a tour of the warehouse and offered a presentation about recycling with the help of SMARY. It was a huge success!

Car Wash Show
Dave and John went out to Vegas to the annual Car Wash Show. As usual, the show was a great success!

Goodwill Industries Annual Meeting
We attended the Goodwill Industries Annual Meeting in support of one of our employees, Gerry Petelis. Gerry started working at ERC just a few months ago, and we are the first outside company that he has worked for. He spoke at the annual meeting as a "Goodwill Success Story". We are very proud to have Gerry as part of our team!