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Lint Free Wipes
Lint-free rags and lint-free wipers including disposable cotton wiping cloths, washable wiping cloths, paper and nonwoven wipers, clean room wipers, cheesecloth and Rymplecloth® are available from ERC. Popular disposable wiping cloth options include new t-shirt material, recycled sheeting and recycled white knit material. Washable wiping cloths include cotton linen towels, diaper cloth, huck towels and microfiber cloths and limited-use wipers. There are many levels of lint-free. Some customers want lint-free wipers to clean glass and mirrors, while other customers need a lint-free wiper for manufacturing pharmaceutical, medical, or computer equipment. Please ask your ERC Representative to help fit you with the right lint-free wiper.

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Disposable Cotton Wiping Cloths

Lint Free Rags

New Knit T-Shirt Material

  • New cotton t-shirt material
  • Extremely low-lint & absorbent
  • Nice looking square/rectangular pieces
  • Ideal for cleaning companies, manufacturing, aerospace, painting, furniture/woodwork
  • Available separately in white, color & grey
  • Also available in a 2 ply bounded t-shirt material for rewashing
To order call 800-225-9473 or click below.

Lint Free Rags Sheeting

Recycled White or Color Sheeting
  • Wiping cloths made of recycled sheeting
  • Extremely low-lint & absorbent
  • Professional looking wiper
  • Lightweight,many pieces per case
  • Ideal for manufacturing, painting and electronics
  • Choice of white or pastel colors
To order call 800-225-9473 or click below.

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Washable Wiping Cloths
Lint Free Cloths

Herringbone Cotton Linen Towels
  • Low-lint white herringbone towels with blue stripe
  • Ideal for use in kitchens, food service and janitorial cleaning
  • Works great on glass and mirrors
  • 100% cotton, absorbent
  • Machine washable, nice quality
  • Approximately 15” x 26”
  • Color: White with blue stripe
  • Green stripe no longer available
$7.00 / dozen

Disclaimer: 5 Dozen towel or $100.00 minimum. (can be a combination of various products)

Lint Free Shop Rags

Shop Rags/Shop Towels
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Diaper Cloths

Diaper Cloth

  • New diaper polishing cloths
  • 100% cotton, soft & lint-free
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Ideal for janitorial cleaning, glass cleaning, furniture/woodworking & the car care industry
  • Machine washable

To order call 800-225-9473 or click below.

Lint Free Towels

Huck Towels

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Lint Free Microfiber Cloths

13x13 Limited-Use Microfiber Wipers
  • Low- cost enough to be disposable yet durable enough for machine washing!
  • Lint-free & non-abrasive
  • Excellent for cleaning & dusting television monitors
  • Ideal for wiping windows, mirrors, counters, metals, plastics & tight corners
  • Dimensions: 13” x 13”
  • Green Cleaning Product
  • Learn More or Buy Microfiber Wipers
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Lint Free Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Cloths

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Non-Woven Paper Wipes

Lint Free Paper Wipers

DRC Wipers
  • DRC = Double Recreped Cellulose Wipers
  • Soft, durable and cloth-like
  • Highly absorbent and work well with water, grease, oil & paint
  • Packaging options include flat bulk, polybag ¼ folded & pop-up
  • GSA Contract Product
To order call 1-800-225-9473 or click below to contact us

Lint Free Cleanroom Wipes

Hydro-entangled Wipers
  • a.k.a. spunlace wipers and hydroknit
  • Lint-free & very absorbent
  • Can be used with solvents
  • Cloth-like feel & strength, even when saturated
  • Ideal for class 100 clean room, glass & manufacturing
  • Available in white or blue
  • Packaging options include bulk flat packed, 1/4 folded & jumbo rolls
To order call 1-800-225-9473 or click below to contact us

Light-Duty Lab Wipers

Light-Duty Lab Wipers

  • Made of tissue with low-lint particles
  • Delicate task wipers
  • Kimberly-Clark Kimwipes® in either 4.4” x 8.4” or larger 15” x 17”
  • Packaged in pop-up dispenser cartons
Need help choosing a rag? Call 800-225-9473 or click below.

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Clean Room Wipers

Clean Room Wipers

Clean Room Wipers

  • There are several levels of clean room – we will work with you to find the correct wiper for your specific application & environment
  • Wide range of clean room wipers available
  • Cotton, polyester, paper & non-woven option available
  • Quick turnaround time for special orders
  • We can cross reference most manufacturers brand names & part numbers
  • Spunlace Wipers are a popular 100 class wiper
  • Learn More About Cleanroom Wipes and Wipers
  • Looking for cleanroom wipes or wipers for the biopharma or medicaly device manufacturing industries? Click here!
Need help choosing a wiper? Call 800-225-9473 or click below.

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  • Soft purified 100% cotton cheesecloth material
  • Lint-free
  • Ideal for polishing gentle surfaces
  • Great for wood, instruments, Plexiglas, aerospace, etc.
  • 100 peel off pieces per roll, 12 rolls per case
  • Multiple options available, including unbleached
To order, call 800-225-9473 or click below.

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