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Over 150 Absorbent Rag Options

ERC Wiping Products carries an array of the best cleaning rags for any application. Whether you’re cleaning, painting, staining, wiping down machinery, or wiping up a spill, we have the perfect rag for your task. We offer low-cost options that can work for a variety of different budgets. Popular wholesale rag options include terry toweling, t-shirt rags, shop rags, flannel rags, and sweatshirt rags. Call one of our wiping specialists to learn more about our bulk cleaning rags.

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Rag Variety

ERC Wiping Products offers various bulk rags available for a large array of wiping applications. These rags and towels are ideal for wiping oil, grease, water, paint, and general-purpose cleaning. Some of our popular low-cost rag options include terry toweling, t-shirt rags, and shop rags. These all-purpose rags can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Explore our page to find rags and towels of various materials and sizes.

Bulk Purchasing & Competitive Pricing

Finding the best cleaning rags in bulk allows our customers to enjoy our products at a fraction of the cost. Because the cost per unit is often lower with bulk items, our customers can enjoy cost savings and put that money to use elsewhere. Reach out to our wiping specialists with any questions regarding pricing on our bulk rags.

Purchasing items in large quantities allows customers to keep cotton rags and microfiber wholesale towels on hand at all times. With ERC Wiping Products, you can make us your one-stop shop for all your bulk rags and towels. Plus, making a bulk purchase may help you to save on shipping costs in the long term. Instead of making small purchases and paying for shipping every time you need to restock, you can purchase bulk quantities of towels and rags and deal with fewer shipping fees. Contact us with any questions regarding bulk pricing and shipping.

Purchase Wholesale Bulk Rags

ERC Wiping Products carries a wide variety of bulk rags for our customers. Whether you are looking for the best cleaning rags, gym wipes, or microfiber wholesale towels, we can help you find the right fit for your needs. Give our team a call today to learn more about the wholesale products we offer.


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