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Keep Your Gym Facilities Clean With ERC Wiping Products

ERC Wiping Products makes it easy for our customers to keep their gym facilities clean. Gyms and other fitness facilities contain a lot of high-traffic areas that can become dirty from sweat and bacteria. Our gym wipes are perfect for cleaning off benches, equipment, pads, counters, and any other surfaces that need to be cleaned. 

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Gym Wipes

ERC Wiping Products carries a few different kinds of gym wipes so you can find the best fit for your needs. If you are looking for wipes that will eliminate germs effectively, check out our Performance Wipes. These wipes use an antibacterial formula that cleans and disinfects without damaging surfaces. If you need a budget-friendly option, our MaxSaver Sanitizing Wipes provide 2,000 wipes per roll. These wipes are also safe for use on hands and bleach and alcohol-free. Consider the volume of wipes you need as well as the surfaces being cleaned to find the best fit for your fitness facility.

Gym Wipe Dispensers

We offer several different varieties of gym wipe dispensers at ERC Wiping Products. We carry a sleek, smoke gray wall mount dispenser that’s easy to refill and dispenses one wipe at a time. We also carry a wipes dispenser that is attached to a wire floor stand and wastebasket — this can allow gym visitors to easily clean off their equipment and then throw away the used wipes. If you are looking for an elevated environment at your gym, we carry a stainless steel wipes dispenser with a hidden wastebasket in the bottom and also a smaller stainless steel countertop dispenser. Check out our gym wipe dispenser page to view all our wipe dispensers for your gym or fitness facility.

Purchase Wholesale Athletic Towels for Your Gym Facilities

Providing athletic towels at your gym will help members reach their workout goals as well as make you stand out from the competition. ERC Wiping Products offers the best sweat towels for gyms at a budget you can afford. We can also provide our customers with bulk cleaning rags, wholesale microfiber towels, disposable gloves, and an assortment of helpful products for cleaning purposes. Explore our website to learn more about the products we carry or reach out to one of our wiping specialists to gain specific information regarding pricing and wholesale offers.


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