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Wholesale athletic towels are perfect for athletic teams, sports clubs, and fitness centers. Our soft and absorbent workout towels make great sweat towels, locker room towels, and shower towels. ERC Wiping Product's low-cost cotton gym towels are available in various sizes, colors, and thicknesses with options for every budget. See below for a few benefits that make our products worth investing in for your business.

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ERC Wiping Products works to provide our customers with products that are durable and absorbent. If you work in the hospitality industry or you own a gym, spa, or athletic center, you want to be able to provide your customers with clean, quality towels. Workout towels for the gym are made from high-quality cotton to withstand repeated commercial laundering.

Many Color & Size Options

Our cotton terry towels have so many options for our customers to choose from. We offer these towels in various colorways like white, white with a color stripe, or solid colors like navy, black, green, and more. This can be helpful if you are trying to match a specific theme in your building or you want to color code your towels according to their purpose. You also get to choose between various sizing options. Whether you want small washcloths or hand towels or larger, heavyweight bath towels, we have several sizes to choose from. Reach out to our wiping specialists to learn more about the color and sizing options we offer for our wholesale athletic towels.


ERC Wiping Products seeks to provide competitive pricing for our bulk rags and athletic towels. When you buy these items in large quantities, you can make sure that your business always has enough towels available. Plus, by having a large supply, you extend the life of our towels by cutting down on how often they are in your towel rotation. Contact our team to learn more about our bulk pricing and shipping options.

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ERC Wiping Products offers quality products at reasonable prices. Whether you own a gym or sauna or run an entire athletic department, our products are perfect for a variety of industries. We not only offer towels for athletic purposes, but we also have some of the best cleaning rags for janitorial use, car wash towels, microfiber towels, low-cost bulk rags, gym wipes, and so much more. Contact us today to find the perfect wiping product that suits your needs.


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