What We Do

We sell wiping products. At ERC we believe the right wiping product can save our customers time and money. While a rag, towel or disinfecting wipe may seem insignificant to some, our customers rely on our products to keep operations running smoothly on a daily basis. Choosing the right wiper allows our customers to manufacture the best products, run the cleanest operation and provide the best service to their customers. We stock hundreds of types of wiping products including absorbent cotton wiping rags, microfiber cloths and mops, towels in many sizes and wide color selection, industrial strength cloth like disposable wipers, absorbents, clean room wipes, and disinfecting surface wipes. If you wipe with it, we stock it, or can source it for you.

We're Growing

Opportunity is here for the taking. In order for ERC to continue growing we recognize the need to continuously add to our core team of professionals. Our atmosphere is relaxed, fun and customer focused. If you're looking for an opportunity to put your determined, outgoing personality to work within our successful organization consider the positions below and apply today.

Current Openings

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