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Shop Towels Are Low-lint First Quality Towels, Available In Red & White

ERC Wiping Products offers shop towels that are 100% cotton and sold in a 25-pound box, 50-pound box or by the bale. These durable towels are very versatile and can be used for a variety of heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Red shop towels are ideal for general maintenance and greasier wiping applications while white shop towels are ideal for maintenance of precision machines and commercial cleaning. Need to purchase our shop towels in bulk? Reach out to one of our wiping specialists to discuss bulk pricing.

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Absorbent Material

Our durable shop towels are highly absorbent and ideal for cleaning spills and wiping messes in a garage, workshop, or other industrial setting. Whether you are cleaning up oil, grease, or dirt, our shop towels can withstand the toughest spills. You can use our towels for wiping, drying, cleaning, as applicator cloths, and more. Their 100% cotton fabric is ideal for soaking up spilled liquids without leaving behind any excess moisture or residue.

Two Color Options

We offer both red and white shop towels for our customer’s convenience. Red shop towels are ideal for greasier wiping applications and general maintenance. White shop towels are ideal for commercial cleaning and maintenance of precision machines and equipment. The different colors allow you to organize the towels according to their purpose. This can help prevent cross-contamination in the workplace. Color coding your supplies can also help to promote enhanced organization.

High Durability

Shop towels offered at ERC Wiping Products are durable and long-lasting. They are machine washable, which makes for easy cleanup. Certain towels will start to wear down after several washes, but our shop towels can withstand repeated washing without falling apart. These towels also come with a sewn edge to prevent fraying, and the cloth is low lint to prevent fibers from shedding on various surfaces. Purchase our shop towels to enjoy prolonged durability and lint-free results.

Purchase Quality Wholesale Shop Towels Today

Stock up on our all-purpose shop towels at unbeatable prices. Our shop towels can be used for cleaning and maintenance in a variety of industries. Along with our durable, absorbent shop towels, we also offer some of the best cleaning rags, disposable shop towels, polishing cloths, and microfiber wholesale products. Place an order today or contact our team to learn more about our amazing deals.


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