Presaturated Wipes

Wholesale Presaturated cleaning wipes

Wholesale Presaturated Cleaning Wipes

Wholesale disinfecting presaturated cleaning wipes clean a variety of surface.

ERC wiping wholesale presaturated cleaning wipes are available for a variety of surfaces and equipment, used by gyms, fitness centers, military, schools, colleges, supermarkets, daycare centers, physical therapy, healthcare centers and hospitals throughout the United States. Popular options include ERC's Endurance Equipment & Surface Wipes, Disinfecting Performance Wipes®, New Reliance Wipes, Antibacterial Wipes & Max Roll wipes. All five styles of wipes are free of benzyl-alcohol, citrus, bleach and phenol making them safe on all surfaces. We also conveniently offer multiple wipe stands and dispensers that easily fit all five styles of wipes, including wall mount dispensers, bucket dispensers, wire floor stands, stainless steel stands and cleaning stations. Our wipes are proudly made in the USA!

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Endurance Gym Wipes

$ 59.95 per 2 Roll case. Endurance Gym Wipes from ERC have a hospital grade quaternary formula & have 900 gym wipes per roll. ERC gym wipes are made in the USA. In-Stock. Ready to Ship.

Reliance Gym Wipes

$ 95.00 per 4 Roll case. ERC Reliance Gym Wipes have 800 wipes per roll, 3200 wipes per case, a hospital grade quaternary formula & are made in the USA In-Stock. Ready to Ship.

Antibacterial Gym Wipes

$ 125.00 per 4 Roll case. Antibacterial gym Wipes from ERC have 2000 wipes per roll, 4 rolls per case: 8000 wipes per case. ERC Gym Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria, disinfect, & deodorize. In-Stock. Ready to Ship.

Disinfecting Gym Wipes

$ 59.95 per 2 Roll case. ERC disinfecting gym wipes are EPA registered to kill 99.9% of germs & bacteria using a hospital grade formula. 800 wipes per roll, Choice of 2 or 4 rolls per case. In-Stock. Ready to Ship.